Student Development Administration (SDA) Internship & Networking Fair, 2014

A big part of GSC’s work every year centers around funding. We receive an annual budget for fun things like coffee socials and bowling, but also for reallocation to SU graduate students, student organizations, enriching academic programs and events that promote community among our graduate student body all the while upholding the mission and values of our university. Anyone can apply for funding, and the process is very straightforward. See our funding page for more information! The following post recounts a recent event that the GSC helped fund.


By Elia Grenier, SDA Internship & Networking Chair

On February 5th about 100 graduate students, NASPA Undergraduate Fellows, and student affairs professionals braved the traffic of 700, 000 parade-attending Seahawks fans to participate in the 10th Annual SDA Internship & Networking Fair, held in the LeRoux Room in the Student Center. Professionals represented 17 different institutions and spent the hour and a half speaking with students from four graduate programs as well as NASPA fellows. Students made connections with regional professionals, and several have secured or further discussed internship opportunities with professionals from the fair. We received positive feedback on post-fair evaluations even from those who were not seeking internships: “I enjoyed being able to attend and network and reconnect with many people. I have completed my internship and will graduate in June. But I was glad that the door was open for all students and participants to attend and engage in networking!”

SDA 021714

This year was unique to past years due to the intentional inclusion of NASPA Undergraduate Fellows. Three SDA graduate students hosted a prep session before the fair specifically for the Fellows, and as some of the Fellows have applied to the SDA program for graduate school, the fair was a great opportunity to give them a taste of the grad school experience. One of the site supervisors wrote after the fair that “As a former NUF myself, it was great to see SDA embrace the growth and development of the NUFs on your campus.”

Over a dozen alumni of the SDA program attended, so it was a great opportunity for graduate students to see the diversity of professional roles available to them after graduating from the program. This event continues to be a hallmark event for the SDA program to connect with regional professionals and showcase the strength and talents of Seattle University’s graduate students.


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