SATech Seattle Unconference

A big part of your GSC’s business as usual is fulfilling funding requests from graduate student organizations for events that directly benefit the larger graduate student body. The following details one such event.

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Submitted by Chris Van Drimmelen 

Graduate Assistant for Housing Operations 


On Saturday, March 8th, the SU Division of Student Development, University of Washington Division of Student Life, and the Seattle University Student Development Association were proud to host SATech Seattle, a conference centered around technology in student affairs and higher education.  This event attracted over 40 students and professionals from more than 7 institutions in the Northwest region to talk about current issues and practices surrounding technology and social media.

At an “unconference,” the sessions are not pre-determined.  Through a facilitated process, the group decided on the following discussion session topics at the event:

SUSDA - SATech Unconference
There was also a lively Twitter back-channel discussion throughout the day at the hashtag #SATechSEA.  The best part about an event like this is that the discussion is still going on on social media, so feel free to engage at any time using the Twitter hashtags #SAChat and #SATech!


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