The Graduate Student Research Conference

Mark your calendar! Friday, May 9th 9 – 4

While Seattle University is not considered a ‘major research university’ in the grand scheme of things, we do in fact produce a fair amount of research on the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels! With the support of the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Projects (ORSSP), students from all are encouraged and enabled to attend a wide range of conferences to present their original findings to their peers and academic community throughout the year.

If only because of sheer scale, SU’s undergrad population has traditionally received the bulk of available resources for their research. A pillar of their support network has been the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Association (SUURA), operating under the ORSSP umbrella.

The mission of SUURA is to encourage and support student-mentor collaborations in research and creative expression, preparing students to become the scholars, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow.

Each May, SUURA is proud to sponsor a grand finale undergraduate research conference, aptly entitled the annual “Celebration of Student Scholarship.” This all-day conference presents an arena in which undergrads can present their research projects to the public, with formats ranging from oral presentations and panels to poster exhibition sessions. Some of this research has previously made the rounds at regional and/or national conferences. Other research has never been presented to an audience outside the classroom!

But what about graduate students??

Beginning in 2013, the research-producing graduate student body has had the privilege to break a little piece of the action off SUURA’s annual conference. Sponsored by ORSSP and SUURA, the “Graduate Student Research Conference” has experienced steady growth since its inception. As this event gains momentum over the coming years, the goal is for it to eventually branch off from SUURA and operate as a standalone event for the graduate student body to truly own.

Now in its second year, the Graduate Student Research Conference coincides with SUURA’s Celebration of Student Scholarship and offers Grads the opportunity to flex their presentation muscles and really stand behind their hard work from the academic year.

This year’s Graduate Student Research Conference is hosted on campus, Friday May 9th from 9:00am – 4:00pm

Featured keynote to be announced shortly!

* Proposals are still being accepted through APRIL 15th! *

A comprehensive range of topics & formats is welcome:
workshops / papers / presentations / dissertations / projects

Click for Proposal Submissions Guidelines

Submit your proposal to

For more information, please contact Katie Myers-Wiesen or Caity Hoover



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