State of the Grad Student… and Smoking

You asked, and the GSC is responding.

391 graduate students across 6 colleges participated in our State of the Grad Student Survey this year.

smoking pie 1

Since the release of the survey, your GSC has had more feedback and inquiries regarding the smoking question than any other topic addressed by this exercise. For your review and consideration, the survey results for that question follow.

smoking table

Smoking pie 2

Highlights from respondent comments:

  • Second hand smoke is harmful to everyone who is exposed to it – this is a social justice issue.
  • I would support a smoke-free campus if affected smokers had access to support services to help them also transition to being smoke-free.
  • A smoke-free campus would marginalize affected students by physically displacing them.
  • Displaced smokers would directly impact neighboring homes and businesses, and position SU as a bad neighbor.
  • Recommend providing designated smoking shelters on campus that are a reasonable distance from building entrances for both smokers’ and non-smokers’ wellbeing.
  • The current 50 foot policy is not enforced – how would SU enforce a smoke-free policy?

More information is available upon request.


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