DISCOVER SEATTLE: Styless in Seattle

photo 2

On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, I was flipping through the pages of Delta Airlines Sky magazine, and discovered a one-page ad for an event in Seattle called “Third Annual Downtown Seattle Rocks The Runway” that was happening on Saturday, September 20th, 2014.

Having a passion for fashion and a former Fashionista who has attended her fair share of fashion shows from LA to NY, I decided to buy tickets for this event.  I was also curious about the fashion scene in Seattle being a recent transplant to Washington.  On the website, I found that they had 3 levels of tickets: General Admission for $50.00; VIP Admission for $125.00; and VVIP Admission (yes that is 2 v’s) with exclusive backstage access and an after-party.  I opted for the general admission because I didn’t want to pay more for something that may not be worth it.

photo 1
Can’t argue with goodie bags

It was worth it after all.  At least for the general admission price of $50.00.  Upon entering the Paramount Theatre (a Seattle historical landmark), my guest and I were greeted with a video cameraman capturing our arrival à la red carpet style; there were servers walking around and handing out hors d’oeuvres; a photographer who took photos of guests against the backdrop of the name of the event and its sponsors; and lastly the theater hall where the fashion runway event was to take place.  This was the perfect venue with cathedral-style high ceilings lavished in opulent gold tones, designed from the 1920s Art Deco era.  There was a nice buffet of delicious hors d’oeuvres and sandwiches, a dessert table filled with cupcakes, open bar that served wine, local beer, and cocktails, and last but not least, every fashion event-goers’ favorite thing: SWAG!  Gift bags on every seat filled with Aveda sample products, a cosmetic bag, and random postcards and coupons for one’s stylish needs.

photo 5

Guests rocked the event with fall-color cocktail dresses, suits and ties. Although, you could tell that some of these guys were dragged by their girlfriends, as this was a predominantly female-attended event.  The fashion show itself displayed fall’s latest looks that appeared to be a throw-back to 90s casual grunge look, but much “cleaner” if you will, with flannel, hooded jackets and knit woven caps; as well as the minimal and monochromatic look of that decade with a more streamlined design for outerwear with subdued colors (Oska, Club Monaco).  Other styles included a bit of punk rock (Finerie CoLab), camping (Columbia) and business attire (Mario’s, SuitSupply).  However, orange and red were abound on many of the clothing lines, including hair color.  A couple of male and female models with red hair dominated the runway that night.  Orange indeed, is the new black.  Speaking of models, I noticed they had a variety of heights and sizes of various ethnicities.  A definite plus for this Asian Fashionista!

photo 3

When one thinks of the fashion capitals in the world (New York, London, Paris, etc.), Seattle does not come to mind.  And it may be a while before it makes it into that category.  Nonetheless, I was very pleased with the “Rocks The Runway” fashion event, and feel we are on our way!  Styless in Seattle?  I think not.

Seattle is celebrating Style Week from September 20-27 where you can get deals from selected retailers. For more information please check out and×7-web.pdf

Mariquita de Mira, MFA in Arts Leadership 2015 / Associate Vice-Chair of Marketing & Communication, GSC

[I moved to Washington from California a little over a year ago and slowly but surely discovering Seattle. Through DISCOVER SEATTLE blog, I will be sharing my adventures of places to eat, the nightlife, and other events that I have attended or feel will be a cool event to attend to that I will share on GSC Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and World Press. I look forward to meeting you all at our GSC events. Cheers!]


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