This scavenger hunt could win you a pair of free plane tickets

Hey SU grad students! It seems like this week might be the last of the sunny warm weather we’ve been enjoying lately, so if you’re looking for an interesting way to start off your weekend consider a cool scavenger hunt with awesome prizes. Alaska Airlines is gearing up to add more Boeing 737 planes to their fleet, and in celebration they are organizing a scavenger hunt in the Puget sound area. The first prize is a chance to take a ride on a flight simulator for the 737 and even more importantly, they are giving away two round-trip tickets to any North American destination where Alaska Airlines flies. This includes Hawaii and Mexico so when the rain starts, you can take a vacation and get in some more sun time. Second place wins you a flight right from the Boeing Field on a delivery flight. Either way, you win great views of the Puget Sound and surrounding areas.

The hunt will take followers to iconic spots around Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Starting at 6 am (for those of you who like to wake up early and jump right in, great!) Alaska Airlines will begin posting to their Twitter and Instagram accounts with clues to the first location on the hunt. You’ll need to figure out the puzzle in order to find the location. When you have done this, post pictures and tweets; don’t forget to use the hashtag #seattlesairline so that you’ll be tracked as first and as the winner! This could be a great way to explore places around the area you might not be aware of if you’re new to the area and lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to win two plane tickets if they can get you to a beach in Mexico or Hawaii? Follow both the Twitter and Instagram accounts for the best chance of getting all the clues to win.

If this sounds like something anyone in the grad community would be interested in, we can form groups to divide and conquer. Message us on our Facebook, or comment here. Friday is going to be sunny and beautiful so lets all get out and enjoy the weather. Good luck!!


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